Trying to offer the best quality, cost and time services to our customers, we have organized these services as individual sectors with distinct cores of human resources and means of production. The applied Quality Management System secures the conjunction of the discrete sectors and the interdisciplinary approach of services.

HOROTECHNIKI S.A. is a member firm of the Design Office Registry of the Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works. Members of the staff and permanent partners hold Design Degrees of various classes – gradings according to the Design Office Registry regulations.  The design categories, classes and gradings are shown below:

Design Category Category No Design Degree Class
Urban Planning 02


Architectural Design of Building Projects 06


Structural Design 08


Transportation Design 10

Ε’, Β’ and C’

Hydraulic Design 13

D’, Β’ and Α’

Surveying Studies 16

Ε’, Γ’, Β’, and Α’

Landscape Design 25 Α’
Environmental Design 27

Γ’ και Β

  • Geoinformatics & Cadastre

    The collection, composition and management of geospatial data and information is a key aspect for the decisions of strategic importance about any intervention on site, for planning and design of infrastructure, protection and management of the natural environment, etc. Connecting every kind of information to the real geographical space is a necessity in order to analyse and make any kind of decisions.

    The rapid evolution of technology and the transition from classical surveying methods to contemporary methods of utilising aerial and satellite images through Geographic Information Systems (GIS), produces all kind of maps that can cover all needs of spatial analysis.

    Practice Areas

    Cadastral Survey
    Topographic and Cadastral Maps
    Geographic Information Systems – G.I.S.
    Planning Implementation
    Road Cadastre and Land Expropriation Studies
    Rural Development and Land Reform Studies
    Hydrographic Studies
    Documentation of Monuments
    Property Inquiries
    Land and Property Values Estimation
  • Urban Design

    Starting point in designing space is the understanding of how man affects and is affected by the environment in which it operates. Our approach in designing space, whether it is a large area or a small park, takes into account both the relations of place with its surroundings and the existing or identified needs.

    Effective and sustainable design requires careful analysis and consideration of any data and particular features of the study area. Our basic design parameters include aesthetic issues, social aspects, ecology, energy, traffic, infrastructure and costs.

    Practice Areas

    Spatial Strategies
    Urban Planning
    Urban Design
    Public Space
    Urban Renewal
    Landscape Design
  • Infrastructure

    The economic development and the improvement of our lives quality owes much and is directly dependent uppon the existence and upgrading of infrastructure. Roads ensure communication and transport. Sanitary infrastructure is critical for the protection and improvement of human life and health.

    HOROTECHNIKI SA knowing of the importance of such projects has been very active in these fields of study. Several and important clients have tructed us and our services in preliminary stages, final designs, documentation and support to construction phases.


    Practice Areas

    • Road Design
    • Junction and Interchange Design
    • Urban Road Networks
    • Rail Networks
    • Traffic Flow Studies
    • Road Drainage Engineering
    • Sanitary Engineering
    • Wastewater Treatment Plants and Disposal
    • Urban Water Distribution Networks
    • Irrigation of Agricultural Land
    • River Engineering
    • Hydrological Studies
  • Architecture

    Quality architecture, in any scale produced, is the result of collaboration, innovation and balance. In HOROTECHNIKI SA we cooperate in order to comprehensively address each problem. In our architectural designs we seek balance between natural and artificial, form, function and vision. Our main goal is the production of optimized solutions, taking into account the given regulations and restrictions. Combining contemporary expertise in the use of materials and innovative methods in architectural design, our projects meet customer requirements.

    Practice Areas

    • Architectural Design
    • Refurbishment and Reuse
    • Interior
    • Industrial Design
  • Buildings

    Building structures are among our most immediate needs, they reflect our activities in the space we occupy. As they are artificial inerventions, buildings, should be in harmony with the natural environment. In HOROTECHNIKI SA each building project is unique, we take into account all different problems arising. To produce our designs we combine technical knowledge and an interdisciplinary approach, in order to achieve economic, functional and innovative solutions.   

    Practice Areas

    • Architectural Design
    • Structural Design
    • Building Restoration and Strengthening
    • Seismic Design
    • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
    • Fire Safety
    • Building Sustainability
    • Construction
    • Building Repair
  • Environment

    A clean and safe environment is a key aspect of human life. Any intervention in the natural or human environment has its consequences. Main goal of the Environmental Studies is both to prevent negative environmental impacts caused by man-made facilities and infrastructure, and to intervene in order to conserve and improve it.

    HOROTECHNIKI SA with a team of specialized scientists covers a wide range of Environmental Studies.

    Practice Areas

    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Strategic Environmental Assessment
    • Environmental Technical Studies
    • Ecological Assessment
    • Design and Management of Sewage Disposal Systems and Wastewater
    • Design and Management of Waste Disposal Systems and Solid Waste