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buildingHorotechniki S.A. began in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1983, in the form of an Ltd., as a result of the merging of the initial partners’ offices.

In 1990 the firm was converted into a general partnership between Giorgos Papakonstantinou, Giannis Kakanis and Nikos Makrakis with a main focus in the technical fields of Topography, Transportation and Hydraulic design.

In 2000, with the continuous expansion of turnover and growth of the technical subject, followed by the addition of new  associates, the partnership was converted into Horotechniki S.A. At the same time in furtherance of their activities, the initial partners founded DIKTYO S.A. focusing in the field of Urban Planning and HORODOMIKI S.A. which activates in the fields of Construction and Real Estate. 


Our main objective is to cover the greatest possible range of activities included during the transition from natural to built, man-made environment and improve the quality of life in the context of sustainable development. The means to achieve this goal include:

The optimization of service quality and time which led to the establishment, since 1998, of a Quality Management System and the certification according to ISO 9001 by TŰV HELLAS.

Our constant effort for a better organization and utilization of human resources, based on a steadily growing core of multidisciplinary synthesis.
Ensuring a contemporary working environment, knowledge expansion and specialization.
The monitoring and adaptation of science and technology developments which characterize the firm’s executives as well as their scientific, professional and social activity and experience.  


Structure and Administration

The development of the orginizational scheme of HOROTECHNIKI S.A. is structured in a way that it covers two basic requirements, flexibility and consistency. Apart from the Central Administration there are five discrete departments.

  • Project Management Department
  • Workflow Process Department
  • Computerization and Documentation Department
  • Economic Management Department
  • Quality Management Department

The organizational structure modifies according to the various projects undertaken and the way they are proceed. Depending on the size and duration of projects, the firm is strengthened with additional members that cover not only the needs of each project but also the increased needs of the Departments and Technical Sectors of the basic scheme.

Quality Policy

Through the Quality Management System the firm has identified the quality level of each project produced. That is related both to the specifications of the Greek / European Legislation and the requirements of clients.

Primary objective of the firm is the satisfaction of the quality requirements that every client sets. Specifically, the objective goals of HOROTECHNIKI S.A. are:

  • To design and plan projects of high quality and in competitive costs.
  • To manage the way of services provision in such a way, so as to achieve best quality results in minimum time and optimal utilization of resources and personnel. 
  • For the staff to aim at optimising quality in the areas of responsibility. 

To achieve these goals HOROTECHNIKI S.A.:

  • Selects cooperating companies, external consultants and subcontractors by using specific criteria.
  • Selects by using specific criteria and chacks against specifications third party services.
  • Operatates in contemporary facilities ensuring best work environment.
  • Controls on a regular basis the design production processes. 
  • Constantly educates staff in order to improve technical skills and renew scientific knowledge.
  • Makes certain the proper operation of the Quality System and its annual review and improvement, ensuring the technical coverage and completness of all work.
  • Makes sure all suppliers, subcontractors, partners and external consultants collaborate with the firm, to guarantee for the level of quality and the delivery times.

Human resource is the most important asset of the company. Scientific training, specialization, experience, continuous training and social activity are basic criteria for selecting and evaluating executives. Working environment is such, that it promotes and fosters a culture of collaboration, responsibility, initiative and participation.

  • Giorgos Papakonstantinou
    Survey Engineer 1974
    Chairman – Chief Executive
    Manager – Project Manager

  • Giannis Kakanis
    Survey Engineer 1971
    Director of Development Operations and Information Technologies

  • Maria Kakani
    Civil Engineer 1998
    MSc Construction Management
    Director of Quality Management
    Transportation and Hydraulics Project Manager

  • Giorgos Kakanis
    Civil Engineer 2001
    MSc in Structural Engineering
    MSc Seismic Design
    Structural Project Manager

  • Vassilis Papakonstantinou
    Architect 2011
    Civil Engineer 2002
    MSc in Civil Engineering 2003
    Architectural Project Manager

  • Kostis Ioannoglou
    PhD Economist 1993
    Director of Finance
    Member of the Board

  • Giannis Valioulis
    Civil Engineer 1982
    Environmental Project Manager

  • Irini Kritsineli
    Survey Engineer 1986
    Cadastral Project Manager
    Tender Manager

  • Maria Vrioni
    Survey Engineer 1996

  • Chrisostomos Makrakis Karahalios
    Urban Planner 1999
    MSc in Architecture and Spatial Design
    Μέτοχος – Urban Planning Project

  • Sakis Varvanis
    Survey Engineer 2000
    MSc in Infrastructure and
    Environmental Engineering

  • Thanos Kalliaras
    Survey Engineer 2000
    MSc in Infrastructure and
    Environmental Engineering

  • Stamatia Kakani
    Survey Engineer 2002
    Surveying Project Manager

  • Kimon Simoglou
    Survey Engineer 2003

  • Liana Papakonstantinou
    Forester 2008
    MSc in Environmental Management

  • Sofia Totli
    Survey Engineer 2008

  • Rita Tzeliou
    Civil Engineer 2012
    MSc in Protection, Conservation and Restoration of Architecture Monuments

  • Miltiadis Pamboris
    Infrastructure Engineer 1984

  • Vassiliki Tsina
    Infrastructure Engineer 2001

  • Fani Kotopoulou
    Geoinformatics and Surveying Engineer 2007

  • Stelios Xiros
    Information Technologist


Our offices are located in a private area of 800 m2 in Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece, in a new sustainable building. Our facilities ensure a contemporary and comfortable working environment of high quality. 

The company offers complete conventional and electronic hardware and software, that covers the needs of all categories of delegated tasks and projects. The supply, use and maintenance of our equipment, are subjected to procedures determined by the Quality Management System (QMS) in conjunction with the prescribed procedures for staff training. The operation of the equipment (H / W – S / W) is performed in a network topological environment so as to achieve a faster and safer transport and processing of data and use of, obtaining, retrieval and transfer of information.